Swedbank appointed as Magsort's lead financial advisor

Magsort Oy has appointed Swedbank AB (publ) as their lead financial advisor to explore different financing options, including possibilities for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) by listing the company's shares on Nasdaq Helsinki First North.

During the past year, Magsort has signed several big agreements with Fortum and ACA Global in India, and is opening a legal entity in India.

The urgent need to cut down on CO2 emissions is driving the demand for sustainable and efficient use of bottom ash and steel slag. Magsort offers unsurpassed financial and environmental benefits to bottom ash processors and steel slag processors with a 100% recycling rate. The side streams from incinerator bottom ash and residual steel in steel slag, typically ending up as landfills or in roads, are recovered to generate significant cash flow.

"We can recover all metals from bottom ash and steel slag in a way that is both profitable and sustainable", says Niklas Törnkvist, one of Magsort's founders and CEO. 

Efficient recycling of metals decreases the need for production of virgin metals, saving CO2 emissions by up to 90%. 

"We see a huge market potential in the EU, the US and in Asian markets, and are hence exploring different financing options to accelerate the commercialisation of our solution", says Magsort's co-founder and CEO Niklas Törnkvist.