Magsort in the press: Forum

Magsort is featured in Forum för ekonomi och teknik, a monthly business magazine published in Finland. A short summary:

Steel production gives rise to steel slag, and there are enormous piles of it in steel factories all over the world. The slag contains up to 10% of steel, but it is rarely recovered as the extraction processes have largely been unprofitable. Magsort's solution is substantially more efficient than current alternatives, making it possible to recover 100% of the steel from the slag.

"Recycling steel with our solutions is less expensive than virgin production, and cuts down on carbon emissions too", says Magsort's CEO Niklas Törnkvist in the article. 

In Pennsylvania alone there are huge piles of steel slag, an estimated 65 million tonnes with a monetary value of billions of dollars. 

The residual material after the steel has been recovered is not without value either. A possible scenario is to use it as cement substitute. This would bring financial and environmental benefits, as the production of concrete stands for up to 8% of the world's CO2 emissions.

Magsort's solution is also ideal for extracting valuable metals from incinerator bottom ash. In the EU, some 20 million tonnes of bottom ash is produced annually, containing valuable metals worth up to 400 million euros. Finnish corporation Fortum is also mentioned in the article, as Fortum Waste Solutions uses Magsort's solution in their waste handling plants in Finland and Sweden. 

The article also mentions Magsort's newly founded subsidiary in India (India is one of the world's largest steel producers and the market is growing rapidly) as well as the ongoing financing round.

You can read the original version in Swedish here.