Magsort in the press: HBL

Magsort`s CEO Niklas Törnkvist talked to Fredrik Häggman at Hufvudstadbladet on the possibilities efficient use of bottom ash provides. Every year about 400 million tonne metals are buried as road fills in the EU alone. Were these metals efficiently recovered and recycled, five million tonnes of carbon emissions could be saved.

"When startups in the circular economy talk of lowering carbon footprint, the number mentioned is usually in kilograms. At Magsort we are talking about millions of tonnes", says Törnkvist in the article.

He also mentions the vast steel slag piles that can be found in the north-eastern parts of the US, some having a diameter of up to 3 kilometres. In steel slag piles such as these, there are billions of dollars` worth of metals that could be fit for further use.