Kalle Rasinmäki appointed CEO of decarbonization company Magsort

He joins from AFRY, where he worked as Managing
Director of AFRY Finland and President, Process
Industries, Finland & Asia.

Kalle Rasinmäki
, CEO from 1st of September 2023:

“It’s great to join a company like Magsort, that has such ambitious growth targets in the green transition business.

I hope my experience from leading both a big expert organization and a machinery company, can also help Magsort reach its immense potential.

Founder Niklas Törnkvist, as the previous CEO, has done excellent work by bringing the company to this phase. It’s great that he will actively continue to support the growth in the future as well.

I feel enthusiastic to join the global decarbonization mission of Magsort, helping the two biggest CO2 emitting industries, Steel and Cement, to decarbonize their production. On top of that, there’s a strong ongoing business in the third major customer segment of Waste-to-Energy plants, that I’m excited to continue.”

Harri Kerminen, Chairman of the Board:

“The Board welcomes Kalle to lead Magsort in its scale-up phase. We believe he has all the right skills and experience to make the most of this unique opportunity that the company is facing in the global race towards net-zero carbon.

We thank our previous CEO Niklas for successfully steering the company to this exciting stage. Niklas will continue as a key person in the Management Team and a Board Member, focusing on strategy and technology development, broadening our customer base, and identifying new business opportunities.

Niklas Törnkvist, Founder, Head of New Business Development and Board Member:

“I’m happy that we’ve found Kalle to join Magsort and I’m looking forward to working with him going forward. He’ll bring to our management team tons of experience in leading global process industry companies to green tech possibilities, and how to engineer and implement large scale industrial projects.”

Additional information

Kalle Rasinmäki
+358 40 5664250

Harri Kerminen
Chairman of the Board
+358 500 817230

Niklas Törnkvist
Founder, Head of New Business Development
+358 50 514 9797

Magsort is a decarbonization company.

Its revolutionary solution makes it possible to extract all the metals left behind in steel slag while refining the remaining material into valuable components for low-CO2 cement.