Fortum Waste Solutions intensifies co-operation with Magsort with a third order

Magsort has entered into an agreement with Fortum Waste Solutions on supplying a solution for metal recovery from incinerator bottom ash.

The equipment, consisting of a crusher followed by special screens and magnets, will be used to handle bottom ash and make sure that all valuable metals are recovered, thus significantly increasing the value of the bottom ash.
This is the third project on which Magsort and Fortum collaborates. Magsort supplied equipment to a pilot facility in Södertälje, Sweden, in December 2019. A second set of equipment was delivered to Fortum’s waste handling plant in Riihimäki, Finland, in August 2020.
“Our superior dry crusher is able to recover more metals from the bottom ash, and is hence significantly more cost-efficient than other existing processes on the market”, explains Niklas Törnkvist, CEO at Magsort.
Efficient recovery of valuable metals from incinerator bottom ash comes with substantial benefits in mitigating decarbonisation. Compared to production of virgin metals, extracting and using recovered metals can save CO2 emissions of up to 90%. 
“For every 100 000 tonnes of incinerator bottom ash processed, saves approximately 10 000 tonnes of CO2. That equals roughly the CO2 emission produced by the energy of 5000 homes in a year”, says Niklas Törnkvist.
More more information, please contact:
Niklas Törnkvist
CEO, Magsort
+358 50514 9797