Your partner in slag processing

What do we do

We can recover all the metal in slag and turn it into valuable sellable commodities.

Bottom ash

Our proprietary crushing line liberates all metals - even the ultrafines. After crushing recovery is straightforward and easy with existing machinery. We can recover up to 100% of the sellable metals - ferrous and non-ferrous leaving the minerals fraction to be utilised as a clean and safe aggregate material.

Steel Slag

We can increase the profitability in steel slag processing by recovering and briquetting the steel currently wasted when using the slag as road construction material.


Fortum Waste Solutions intensifies co-operation with Magsort with a third order

The equipment, consisting of a crusher followed by special screens and magnets, will be used to handle bottom ash and make sure that all valuable metals are recovered, thus significantly increasing …


We prefer partnerships with existing slag operators. We finance 100% of our machinery and maintain it for the whole project lifetime.